Сексуальная школьница одевает белые гольфы и показывает свои стопы porno

I had just finished school and had a job as a manager in a large supermarket.
I was running the business by giving orders without a face with the employees working in the market
As such, I had a great impact on some of the employees, especially the female staff. One of these employees
was the cashier Derya. When Derya came to my room, I was talking very seriously
, looking into her eyes. From time to time I
had fascinated him and made him have an extreme interest in me
. He was starting to make it very clear that he liked me
, but he expected it to come from me the first time he made a move.
We met in the kitchen of the office one day , there was no one else but the two of us. was drinking tea
And I asked him to pour me some tea too. He poured the tea and while he was giving it, his hands were touching mine and he had no intention of pulling, while we were looking
eye to eye .
She said she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to be with
me. In response, I stood up and
started kissing her on the lips, after a long kiss, I
told her to wait for me after work.
After the market closed that day, I took Derya by car a little further ahead.
I wandered around for a bit and pulled the car into a secluded place. We started kissing slowly
and we moved to the back by tilting the back seat.
We got on top of her and we started kissing, while I peeled off her skirt and started playing her legs . I took her panties off from behind and
started licking her peach.
As I licked between her legs, she was enjoying it and holding my head, she pressed it to her peach
. After her peach, I was licking her breasts by getting up on her breasts and squeezing
them. We were both naked now, and
although she said it was time for me to get inside she wasn’t a virgin, I slowly kissed her all
over her and wanted Derya to go crazy even more. After kissing for a long
time, I slowly got into it. Now I was inside, I was going slowly at first
, after a while I accelerated. We were so fast that the
car started bouncing. Now Derya reached the extreme points of orgasm and her
cries started to rise. After a while, I could not stand it and ejaculated
into Derya. I lay on it for about 5 minutes.
Then we started making love again. This time he was taking mine in his mouth,
licking it so well that it made it clear that he was a master at the job.
After licking a little more, I got behind him. But he was afraid of anal sex and said it would
hurt. Saying that it’s easy,
I took the cream that was in the glove box and put some on my back hole and some on my dick.
After I got it completely doped, I made a move to enter at once.
It was obvious that he was in a lot of pain from his shouting, but
I had no intention of giving up and it did
. As our bodies bumped into each other, smack and smack
sounds were made. After about five minutes
we both reached the climax of orgasm at almost the same time and lay on the couch . We
spent so much energy that all the windows were fogged up
. After that, we were always together
. I used to invite her to my room, especially at work time, and since I didn’t wear panties, I immediately pulled off her skirt and sat her on my
lap. Not only at work, but also after work, we
would come to the market again, go to my room and make love until the morning.
We even made love once inside the store between the aisles.

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