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I’m derya erzurum, I’m 1.74 height 58gr
, I’m very fond of closed sex, my brother dreamed of good luck, I liked him very
much, but my brother
not at work. How of course we
sleep in the same room with my brother at night I went to the room before my brother I wore my white nightgown to turn my brother on and I went to
bed of course I was pretending to sleep with my legs
open my brother I knew you were watching because she can’t stand still.

he was stroking his cock, I understood that, I should have provoked it, my nightgown is going up by turning right and left in my place, my
red undercoat
was visible my brother was very mad and
called me slowly to make sure that I was sleeping even more. and he turned off the light and lay next to me he touches me from behind I felt that hardness I looked he can’t go far he’s afraid I immediately turned towards him I put my foot on his legs and hugged him it doesn’t come alive he was stroking my hair so I put my hand on his dick with the excuse of scratching my face

oh, it was hard as iron, he couldn’t stand it anymore, he started kissing my neck, he was
stroking my breasts, he was stroking my belly and then my legs,
just as he kissed my lips, I responded, he relaxed and
went crazy on my breasts, he started to suck my cunt from there, my belly, his pleasure
juices were pouring out of me, I couldn’t stand it, he handed me the dick that I dreamed of,
I started to suck it with both hands , stroking it I wanted that cock and ejaculated in my mouth. I
always swallowed the semen. It tasted very good, by the way, my
maiden was standing and my brother knew that. I
was begging you to put it inside me now, thank goodness he didn’t break it, nor did he ask if your
maidenhood would go away, he started to wet my pussy and slowly started to put it in my pussy.
i was
to scream he fucked me he was making nasty noises I understood he was going to cum I said he will come out and ejaculate on my hips it was very nice

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