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I am a 25-year-old high school graduate who did his military service. I am currently
engaged and will be getting married soon. I live in a small town. Here
is the bride of one of our distant relatives. She was widowed at a young age.
He has a child. She left a lot of money and property from her husband. The woman is now in
her 40s and is a very beautiful woman.
She lost her husband in a car accident about 18 years ago . He was unmarried
and raised his child with his mother-in-law and now they continue to live in the same way.

The woman is very nice. Her name is Leyla. Often we come to them and
they come to us. When Leyla lady has a job
for me to do, she calls me and I do her work. I haven’t looked at him sideways for years,
I haven’t even thought about it. My fiancee and I have loved each other very much since school years
. We will get married soon. One day,
Leyla called me again and said that she was going to the city tomorrow and that we should meet her in the city
. “Okay sister” I said.

The next day we met in the city. When Leyla told me “I want to be with
you”, I was surprised at what happened.
I accepted because I’m single . There would be no turning down this beautiful woman. We immediately
went to one of the city’s luxury hotels. We went to the room and we were alone.
The woman had not seen a man’s face for many years. If anyone didn’t know she was 40
, she would have thought she was 25. She is such a beautiful woman , drink a glass
of water.

Anyway, we got to work.
We kissed for a long time on the sofa as we slowly took off our clothes. The woman was very sweet. It was as if
honey was dripping from his lips. When I took off her bra, her white breasts were
in front of me with their magnificent appearance. When I started to caress and kiss, the woman could
n’t stop from her pleasure. He also took off my shirt. We were both
naked. After making love for a while on the sofa, she stood
up and took off my panties on her knees as I took
off my pants. It was sewn on my tool. He grabbed my
dick with both hands and started stroking it. The woman was going to be with a man after many years
and she was enjoying it. Hold it in your arms and stand up
I removed it. I pulled her hair back with both hands and held her head with both hands
and kissed her honey lips long and hard.
I was very surprised when I took off her skirt and lowered her panties . The pussy of a woman with such a beautiful face and body
looked awful. A black cunt with saggy big lips that
doesn’t fit her white body in any way.
The long hair made this awful look even worse. All of a sudden, I lost my enthusiasm, I thought of getting
dressed, but I said that the woman has
not seen a man’s face for a long time, so I wanted to please her heart and enter into love.

I laid her on the bed and started caressing her.
But I had in my mind the terrible sight that I always saw. The woman was a little short and of normal
weight. She had a thin waist and full hips. While the woman was lying on her back
on the bed, I was standing by holding the woman’s ankles and putting both her feet together and trying to lift
my dick back and forth between her feet .
My dick was starting to go down when my enthusiasm went away.
When I released her feet, she
started stroking my dick with her feet. I lay next to her on the bed and we started making love.
I started stroking her cunt with my hands while kissing her breasts.
The woman had begun to take deep breaths, stricken with pleasure . Very exciting
it was obvious that it was. Damn, I put two fingers in and
started to stick it in and out. I decided to fuck every time he started to vomit
. When my hand started to get wet, saying it was time,
I took my position on my knees between his legs. Grabbing her feet,
I lifted her legs up and approached. I fucked my long thick cock.
The woman’s pussy was very full. I started to fuck her by holding her ankles with both hands
. I started to do my dick lightly back and forth.
I was trying not to look at the woman’s pussy as much as possible . I rooted my dick and sped
up. The bed was starting to shake fast.
I thought there was an earthquake at that moment . Now two crouching while holding the woman’s feet
I got up on my feet and kept on fucking. In this situation,
only the end of my dick was getting in but my dick was coming out from time to time. I
had to bend down to get it all the way down. After a short while, I lay
on my side and got behind the woman , spread her legs , shoved her into her pussy,
turned her slightly to myself and started kissing her on the lips. In the
meantime, the head of my dick was going in and out of his cunt slightly. The woman
was enjoying it immensely, but my enthusiasm was gone. Even
though we ‘ve been fucking for a long time, there was still no sign of ejaculation. I would have
ejaculated ten times with another woman . Nothing like this had ever happened to me in my life. Now
I lay her on her back and shove her cunt so I lean over her on my elbows
I lay down with my weight. At this moment, my entire 18 cm dick
was inside the woman’s cunt . The woman kept saying “oh oh” often. With one hand, I
took her hair from her face to the side with my hand and
started kissing her lips . Meanwhile, I was continuing to root. I really liked this position
. The woman was moaning under me, her lips back and forth on my lips, and when I
started to fill her cunt with my semen, the woman
had reached the peak of pleasure .

I rested for a while and went to the bathroom. While I was washing, the woman came in
and started caressing me. He soaped my dick up with his hands and stroked
it. She looked amazing when my thick dick was lifted. I twisted
the woman and got behind her and rooted her in her pussy. I
ejaculated for the second time after fucking for minutes without changing this position . We got dressed and left the
hotel separately .

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