I was working as an official in a private bank. I had a female clerk. She
was not very beautiful. She
was attractive because I had problems with my wife in those days. I
saw her staring at me several times while working at the bank . The room
did not go out to dinner. He came to me and started to talk, saying that I was not happy with my wife, that I did
not deserve these at all, that I deserved to be happy for better things
. At first, I was quite surprised, but since I
predicted his interest in me, my surprise passed in a short time. We had an
hour. We continued talking. There was a difference of 18 years between us
. I asked if he was interested in me. He said yes. my married
I said you know I am. He said let it be. erotic story

I told him there was an 18-year age difference between us. He said it doesn’t matter. I gave him
a small kiss on his words. He was a little
surprised. He didn’t expect this. From that day on, he came with me to the bank and started dating me. We also started
working on Saturdays and Sundays. One
, while I was working at the bank, the room came, I opened the door to the branch, and she walked in. She had put on a nice
make-up. She had put on a nice perfume. I felt a strange
warmth for a moment. She asked if there was anything that could be helped.
I told her that I was processing the ledgers
. I said I would. He sat on the chair in front of my desk.
I was also continuing to work on the notebook. When I looked at her from time to time, we made eye contact. I
started to stir. My wife and I had not been
together for a long time. I quit my job so I started watching him . I got
up, got behind him. When I touched his shoulders, he started to
. porn story
He started stroking my hand on his shoulder without saying anything. I slowly brought my hand up to his
breasts. He was shaking with excitement. As he trembled, my
insides became more and more awkward. My dick was already upright .
I started stroking her breasts
. I got in front of you to kiss your lips
I started. She didn’t know what to do. I was putting my tongue in her mouth and she slowly
started to respond. She was just
staring while unbuttoning her blouse. When I unbuttoned her blouse, her breasts were in front of me. She was not wearing a bra. I started kissing the tip of her nipple . She was pressing my head to her breasts. I was stroking her cunt between her legs with my hand. Her panties were soaking wet under her skirt. He was covering his legs with fear , but I continued to caress his cunt, even if it was forcibly. Later, as her cunt became watery, she began to relax her legs, and my hand was stroking her cunt more easily. to lick downwards

Her legs looked so much better. She had pale skin . She
had no hair on her legs .
I started licking her calves and then sucking on them. Her body was very hard. Then I went towards her crotch. How gorgeous
it looked cunt. I started licking it. In fact, he was very embarrassed, he never opened his eyes,
only a strange moaning sound was heard. This sound
started to turn me on even more. It was as if I had forgotten everything and lost my connection with the world. But I was just too busy
licking and sucking that gorgeous cunt . Their wheezing got louder.
I kept on sucking. And I was
the first man to come into her life. I was sure of that. If she had experience, I would
have known it somehow. It gave me greater pleasure.
I was starting to like my little bitch too. My dick was upright.
But I didn’t want him to get scared that day . We
had a long time ahead of us. I couldn’t fuck him in the bank anyway. At least his first fuck
should have been in a more comfortable environment. He had already had an orgasm by the way. I continued to lick the
juices from her cunt. It was very strange. Actually
, I liked what I did. I had never done it to my wife. But the more I licked my bitch, the
more I wanted to lick it. It was the first time I was licking someone’s cunt
hungrily. Let me go no further. I went to the bathroom and pulled 31.

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