My name is Altan, I am 22 years old.
I am brunette and have an athletic body , 1.80 meters tall and 78 kilograms . My girlfriend’s name is Peri. I’m not saying that I’m really my lover,
but if I say a drink of water, it’s a good place. She is well-groomed, trendy,
self-sufficient, and usually wears a miniskirt and tight jeans with
blonde hair. Anyway, I’ll leave those aside and
start my story. I have a friend whom I am intimate with and I called him.
Bring your lover too. I will take my girlfriend with me. I said let’s get in the car
and have a picnic together. My friend Serhat
said ok bro, and the next day we made our preparations, took the girls and got in the car and set
off on our way. The distance of our destination is 10 km from the city.
was away. It is a place where all sides are full of trees and there is a lake
. I don’t want to give your name. Then we
arrived at our destination. We unloaded the items in the car.
First, we all went and sat by the lake . By the way, the name of Serhat’s girlfriend is Serap.
We started to chat. The scenery was beautiful. After sitting by the lake for 10 minutes
, come on guys, go get the food and set the table.
I said I’ll do the barbecue. While they went and set the table, I
was grilling the meat on the barbecue. But different things were running through my mind
. All I wanted was to have group sex with our lovers.

Anyway, I cooked the meat, brought it, put it in front of us, and we ate well and
fed ourselves.
Then I said to my lover, my love, give me a kiss on the lips . When he placed a kiss on my lips, I
stuck to his lips and did not let go. We started making love with my girlfriend Peri.
Serhat and Serap were also looking at us with strange eyes. They
had a craving too, and after 2-3 minutes, I saw that they
had started kissing too. We had taken the first step of the group sex I had in mind.
We had no one to shy away from as there were only 4 of us where we
were. Then I took off Peri’s cardigan and Body. The fairy
was wearing a white bra. She took off her bra and removed Fairy’s erect breasts.
I was starting to suck. When I looked at Serhat and Serap, they had already
started having sex.
Anyway, we continued making love and I sucked Peri’s all over and turned purple. The warmth of his skin turned me on even more
. Then I lifted her mini skirt up and parted her panties and
started licking Peri’s tiny cunt. The fairy was crying out for pleasure
. Then I saw Serhat licking his girlfriend’s cunt.
Both sides of the girls were flying with pleasure. uhhhh they were moaning. Then
I took my dick out and put it in my darling Peri’s mouth and Peri was so ecstatic that she
took my dick in her mouth and started licking it.
It was incredible. 4 of us were flying with pleasure.

After we had the girls licking our dicks for like 10 minutes, I said Serhata, bro, let
‘s switch places. He said it’s okay, dude. It will happen to me
. I said we don’t always come across such pleasant moments. Before
we could say anything like that, we changed places. Serhat
gave it to my beloved Peri’s mouth. I also gave it to Serhat’s lover Serap’s mouth
. Both of them were flying with pleasure and they didn’t have to say anything
. Later, the girls were so
ecstatic that they asked us to forcibly fuck their virgin pussy. Serap
said that there was a little bit in the first one or something. But when I gave him that pleasure, he couldn’t say anything. I want Serap to
fuck my dick in one go after rubbing my dick for the first time.
I had succeeded. Sarah was moaning with pain and pleasure. Then the pain gave way to pleasure
. Later on, Serhat broke the virginity of my beloved Peri
, and we started going to the girls’ warm pussy. The warm
pleasure waters were making us even more aroused. While I was going to ejaculate, I held my penis
to Serap’s mouth and ejaculated in his mouth. Serap
took the warm cum in her mouth and swallowed it well. We were both out of breath and lay on the ground
. 3 minutes after us in Serhat, my girlfriend ejaculated on Serap’s
breasts. All 4 of us were lying on the floor, fixedly. We had a great
pleasure. Have we tasted group sex??

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